About Me

by Nele

Hello, I’m Nele, 32 years old and have celiac disease since 2009.

It almost sounds like an idea in a support group. Sometimes it seems like that to me too. But now I’m getting along quite well and I want to share my experiences.

What, for so long ?!
newly diacnosed person

so cool, then you eat a healthy diet!
non-affected person

Often both groups do not know (yet) what celiac disease actually means. Those not affected see gluten-free nutrition as a trend, as low carb and automatically as healthy. Newly affected people are often afraid of the new challenge .. and that brings me to the next point

Why did I start this blog?

In order to do away with precisely these prejudices and to help those newly affected.

At the time of my diagnosis, celiac disease was still relatively unknown. There were almost no products in supermarkets and I had to cook a lot by myself. I had a lot of negative experiences in e.g. gastronomy, with supposed friends and while traveling. I got a real phobia about gluten-containing crumbs. But new ideas and great new recipes have also been developed or tried out from this experience.

I often hear that people with celiac disease no longer dare to discover the world. So I would like to give you some courage here and take away any worries. Here I would like to share my tips & tricks and recipes with you, as well as report on my travel experiences, to show that it really works and where there are celiac paradises. Because, psst, Germany is not as far along as, for example, Scandinavia, Italy or Australia.

Before the diagnosis, I would never have thought that I would cook and bake so much that I would take photos of my food and even start a blog. But because I really enjoy eating and traveling and want to get to know countries from a culinary point of view, I have noticed that there are still far too few tips on gluten-free travel.