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glutenfrei in Stuttgart

I was surprised how many gluten-free options there are in Stuttgart for people with coeliac disease. I recently stayed in the Stuttgart area twice for three nights. During the day I had a training program and afterwards I tried out gluten-free restaurants in Stuttgart. My gluten-free highlight in Stuttgart was the restaurant Reiskorn, which is completely gluten-free. Here you get my own opinion, I paid for every meal myself. [Unpaid advertising]

Sightseeing in Stuttgart

I didn’t really have time for sightseeing, but here are a few tips on what to see if you have more time than I did.

Car enthusiasts can go to the Mercedes-Benz– or Porsche Museum. At the Gottlieb Daimler Memorial Centre, you can even visit the garden house where Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach developed the first high-speed four-stroke engine in 1883. Lovers of architecture will get their money’s worth in the futuristic city library or in the market hall which is under monument protection. I myself went for a walk on the Killesberg, where you get a great view over the city. In summer, you can also have a picnic there with a great view. You can also go up the Killesberg tower there to get even higher. The Wilhelma Zoological and Botanical Gardens, the New Palace, Solitude Palace and the Grabkapelle are also worth a walk and are set in beautiful countryside. There are also great museums for art lovers, such as the State Gallery or the Art Museum.

For me, the pedestrian zone in the city centre of Stuttgart was the most interesting, as there were several cafés and restaurants with gluten-free options or even 100% gluten-free eateries.

Here you can find the go-to gluten-free guide for Stuttgart. All the restaurants and cafés listed offer food for people with coeliac disease or those who simply want to eat gluten-free. Nevertheless, it is a snapshot and therefore please always check for yourself whether everything is still trace-free. It’s your health and it’s in your hands.

I myself have coeliac disease and have eaten at all the restaurants and cafés listed without any symptoms. However, it is your own responsibility, as cuisines and service can change at any time.


I’ve been to Reiskorn twice. Once rather by chance, very late, when I asked on the off chance whether the kitchen was still open and whether they had anything gluten-free. The chef told me that the entire kitchen was gluten-free. The only exception is beer containing gluten. I was happy and sat down immediately. The first time I ordered meat with chocolate sauce and yuzu with potatoes and cole slaw. Everything was insanely delicious. On my second trip, I planned my visit to Reiskorn straight away and went for deep-fried chicken skewers with peanut sauce. That was incredibly tasty again. The homemade yuzu lemonade was also very good. I took the yuzu rice pudding dessert with me for breakfast the next day. It was also very tasty, but it was a very small portion for the price of almost €8.

What I love about this gluten-free restaurant is that they play with flavour combinations that you don’t find everywhere else. It was only a few weeks between my two visits and yet the menu was almost completely new, so there’s plenty of variety. The service is also super friendly and helps with any queries. In my opinion, an absolute highlight!

pin for gluten-free places tested by nele of travel and freeTorstraße 27, 70173 Stuttgart

Energetic Life

There are also gluten-free options for vegans in Stuttgart. For example at Energetic Life restaurant, which is completely gluten-free and vegan. My first impression was not so positive, as some of the colours looked very artificial. But my first impression was wrong, because everything was very tasty and didn’t taste artificial at all. I would go there again in a heartbeat. I was a bit overwhelmed because the menu is so big and I couldn’t make up my mind at all. In the end, I ordered the gluten-free burger and a tiramisu for dessert. My aunt had ordered a salad with fries and then a chocolate cake with fruit mousse. She also let me try some and everything tasted really delicious.

pin for gluten-free places tested by nele of travel and freeSchulstraße 8, 70173 Stuttgart


Senzanome’s name alone is convincing as a gluten-free place to go in Stuttgart, as “senza” is Italian and means “without” in German. You have to be careful here, as it is not a completely gluten-free restaurant. But the service staff are very knowledgeable and friendly and gluten-free dishes are labelled with a small flag. I ordered a pizza and it was delicious. The friend who was there with me ordered a salad and said that she had rarely had such a tasty sauce and therefore such a tasty salad.

pin for gluten-free places tested by nele of travel and freeLautenschlagerstraße 25, 70173 Stuttgart

The Gardener’s Nosh

Please note that this restaurant is not completely gluten-free either. You can have breakfast and dinner at Gardener’s Nosh. I went in the evening, but actually wanted to try waffles or pancakes, which can be gluten-free here. I read online that it is supposed to be THE restaurant in Stuttgart if you want a gluten-free breakfast. But when I asked about the traces, I was told that they use the same waffle iron for both gluten-containing and gluten-free waffles. My order was a little complicated, but the waiter was super nice. I think the kitchen is up a narrow spiral staircase and he ran up and down a lot for me. First to clarify the if there are cross-contaminations, then the ingredients for other dishes were already empty, so I had to look for something new again. Then I chose pasta and he had to see if there was any gluten-free pasta left. As a starter, I ordered zaalouk, a Moroccan eggplant ragout with gluten-free bread. So the nice waiter went back up the stairs to make sure the gluten-free bread wasn’t toasted, unless they had an extra toaster. The ragout was super tasty, could have licked the plate clean. But then came the gluten-free pasta, which unfortunately was totally oversalted and overcooked.

The waiter apologised and wanted to offer me to order something new, but as I only throw food in the bin with a heavy heart, I thankfully declined. I got a drink on the house and took the gluten-free pasta home with me. The next day, I fried the gluten-free pasta in a pan and added cream. This reduced the salty flavour and ended up being a delicious meal. All in all, I have rarely experienced such great service and it was a great atmosphere. Apparently, my gluten-free pasta was made by the chef, who was still a bit inexperienced. So I think if you get the right chef, the food can be sensationally good. I would go back and try it again.

pin for gluten-free places tested by nele of travel and freeCalwer Str. 62, 70173 Stuttgart

Cavallino Spaghettaro

Another gluten-free Italian restaurant in Stuttgart. This is not completely gluten-free and you have to be careful when ordering. There is also a surcharge for the gluten-free option. As it has Spaghettaro in its name and the menu states that they are known for their spaghetti, I ordered gluten-free spaghetti. In retrospect, I was annoyed that I hadn’t ordered gluten-free pizza. I think you only get the special spaghetti if you don’t order it gluten-free, because then it’s handmade on the spot. I had gluten-free bruschetta as a starter. That was delicious. But there’s no little flag to mark it and, depending on the service staff, it was said when it was served or only when asked if it was the gluten-free version. For my main course, I had spaghetti with squid ragout. However, it tasted as if the sauce was just the squid and its ink. I think if you order something different, it can be very tasty. It wasn’t bad either, but to be honest I wasn’t blown away by it either. But that’s my taste, as I like to have something to bite into when it comes to a pasta sauce and I had imagined ragout to include vegetables. In the end, everything cost a little more. The items on the bill were correct, but there was probably a price increase of €1 each, which was not declared on the menu and not communicated by the waiter.

pin for gluten-free places tested by nele of travel and freeLeuschnerstraße 17, 70174 Stuttgart

Further gluten-free Restaurants in Stuttgart

I would also have liked to go to the following restaurants to try them out. Unfortunately, they weren’t open at the time I was there. I also noticed that in Stuttgart, from Thursday onwards you have a better chance of finding something gluten-free, as some restaurants are closed at the beginning of the week or are only open for a very short time.

  • Café Hüftgold (not completely gluten-free, but there are gluten-free dishes such as soups, cakes, ice cream)
  • Super Jami Kitchen (completely vegan, not completely gluten-free, regional, organic, world cuisine from Mexican to Asian)
  • Currywurst at Martha’s (gluten-free currywurst from animals kept in a species-appropriate manner without artificial flavour enhancers)
  • Chutney (Indian, all curries are gluten-free)
  • Tialini (Italian, gluten-free pasta is available)
  • Flo Steak & Burger (gluten-free burger buns and an extra deep fryer for trace-free and gluten-free fries)
  • Café Da (French, there are vegan and gluten-free quiches and gluten-free cakes, where attention is also paid to traces and cross-contamination during production)
  • Kuchenliebe (note: some sites describe it as coeliac-friendly and others say that it is made in the same bakery as the gluten-containing products)
  • Wyld (gluten-free bowls)
  • Il Pomodoro (Italian, here you can get gluten-free pizza)
  • Patisserie Isabella (completely gluten-free and vegan options)
gluten-free bread for breakfast in Hotel in Stuttgart

Hotel in Stuttgart with gluten-free Breakfast Options

The first time I stayed in Stuttgart I stayed at Motel One, the second time I stayed with a friend. Motel One can be found in many cities and is always the place to go if I want to have breakfast at the hotel. They have gluten-free bread at the breakfast buffet and, on request, freshly baked gluten-free mini baguettes from a Spanish brand.

Adventurous Secret Tip near Stuttgart with gluten-free Food Truck

There is a very cool experience trail about 40-50 kilometres from Stuttgart, which is particularly exciting for children but also for adults. It is called Eins- + Alles. There is a great museum where you are even asked to touch and try out everything. If you go on a tour of the adventure trail, you are playfully pushed to your limits and get to know yourself better, surpass yourself and do so in a great environment. If you need a snack in between, there is the Mollibox food truck, which knows all about allergens and has suggested gluten-free dishes for people with coeliac disease.

gluten-free curry with shrimps near Stuttgart

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